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"Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature...promotes Asian/Pacific American culture and heritage and is awarded based on literary and artistic merit. The award is administered by the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA), an affiliate of the American Library Association.  The Youth/Young Adult Literature winner is “I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom,” written by Shannon C.F. Rogers and published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Publishing Group." 

"We are proud to share our 2024 ALA Award winners, honorees, and finalists from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, announced at the 2024 Youth Media Awards! ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN AWARD FOR LITERATURE YOUNG ADULT WINNER: I’D RATHER BURN THAN BLOOM by Shannon C. F. Rogers. A powerful YA novel about a Filipina-American teen who tries to figure out who she really is in the wake of her mother’s death." 

"Our expert librarians selected the year's best books for kids, teens, and adults. Check out these outstanding titles....I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom by Shannon C.F. Rogers. Marisol never got along with her mother—but when she suddenly dies in a car crash, Marisol is left to contend with what it means to find peace."

"In this special episode, we are interviewing Shannon C.F. Rogers, author of the incredible YA novel, I'D RATHRE BURN THAN BLOOM". Warning: spoilers ahead!"

"This week Scotty and Amelia welcome author/longtime friend Shannon C.F. Rogers onto the pod to discuss her new novel "I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom" (2023, Feiwel & Friends), named one of the "20 Best Books to read in July" by Kirkus Reviews and one of "Best new YA books of 2023" by Paste Magazine. We also talk about fan fiction,"The Animorphs," grief, growing up in New Mexico, the teenage mind, "Breaking Bad," and more. And Shannon even brought the WEIRD with the story of a terrifying creature from Filipino folklore. This was a fun, wide-ranging conversation, and we hope you enjoy it!"

"YA writer Shannon C.F. Rogers and poet Kathryn Lim read from their work and respond to questions from the audience at Somos Books in Taos, NM. Broadcast on November 23rd, 2023 at 8:00 am MST on KCEI 90.1 FM: Cultural Energy & Taos Local Television, Creating Media Voices for Youth, Arts & Activism in Northern New Mexico & Southern Colorado."

"Another installment of YA Contemporaries to end 2023... I’d Rather Burn than Bloom is about the rage we hold within us. The anger, grief, and pain all tied up together. It’s about feeling so deeply that we aren’t what people expect of us, that we will never succeed, that this version of us will never be enough. This YA Contemporary debut is emotional, like a signal flare in the night on an abandoned ocean. With these flashbacks you can see the distance between now and then, the wounds we enact upon each other. Marisol is navigating her grief, her guilt, her friendship breakup, and her biracial identity all at once."

"Marisol’s mom died following a car accident that happened after she and Marisol had a huge fight. Marisol, 16, blames herself and has been out of control ever since, fixated on her failures as a daughter, especially how she and her mom (Filipina) always fought and how she didn’t say goodbye to her mom as she lay dying at the hospital. Marisol’s been drinking heavily, getting into trouble at school, and had sex with her (ex) best friend’s boyfriend. Her dad (white) is at his wit’s end, but also unwilling to engage with his own feelings and memories, so that the silence around the grief in their home is all-consuming..."

"In New Mexico, a grief-stricken family grapples with the sudden loss of their matriarch. Marisol Martin is a sophomore when her Filipina immigrant mom dies in a car accident after one of their many screaming fights—they were constantly, painfully at odds with one another. Marisol’s final condescending question, “Why don’t you understand anything?” reverberates in her guilty conscience; she believes the accident was her fault..."

"Get ready, book lovers, and prepare to go on an emotional ride that digs into the depths of the Fil-Am experience. A talented Filipina American author, Shannon C.F. Rogers has launched her debut YA fiction, “I’d Rather Burn than Bloom.” This is a coming-of-age tale of a Filipino American teenager Marisol Martin. She embarks on the complexities of self-discovery and grief... "

"This book can be a comfort to other Fil-Ams and a look into what it’s like for children of interracial and immigrant couples. The characters are imperfect and relatable. Although my review focuses on grief, I should also mention that this novel does cover coming-of-age, friendship, and sibling dynamics. This story was close to home for me, but regardless of your background, I think many will be touched by this story...."

"The young adult genre is always…let’s just call it eclectic. I mean, where else besides YA can you find fluffy romantic comedies, high-tension thrillers, contemporary explorations of emotion, and something pretty close to body horror, all on the same shelf?  Truly, it’s a world with something for everyone, and whether you as a reader are looking for a fast-paced page-turner, an uncomfortable scare or a good cry, it’s a safe bet you’ll find something worth checking out this month. Here are our picks for the best YA books hitting shelves this July... "

"Welcome to July, where we find ourselves in the midst of summer, marking the halfway point of the year. It’s hard to believe how quickly 2023 is passing by, but I take solace in the knowledge that there are some incredible new books coming our way later this year. While July may be a quieter time for book releases, there’s still a wealth of amazing reads to dive into..."

"Here we round up new and forthcoming children’s titles including a YA debut about a queer Indian American artist, a picture book about a nervous backpack on the first day of school, a picture about learning to love one’s name, a picture book series addition with a spooky twist, and more..."

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